Remember you? That beautiful girl who became a gorgeous woman?  In this busy busy world it is easy to lose sight of who we are and where we have come from.   Let’s get you in some sexy lingerie, your favourite little black dress, or just a white bed sheet,  flirting with the camera. Lots of colour contrasts, heavy shadows accentuating your curves and the star of it all, YOU looking absolutely stunning.


‘The Story Of You’

I believe that it is important for every woman to feel beautiful, not only in the eyes of her beholder, but in, at, and from her very core. She needs to feel that sizzle of energy within her that is, ultimately, a light more powerful than any studio can buy. You need to feel “so beautiful to YOU.”

nudity – Not a must!  Although the idea of nudity can be extremely powerful and sexy, there is a lot to be said for leaving some things to the imagination. Even if you decide you want some nude images, think PLAYBOY, not HUSTLER. The most important thing to know is that I always work within your comfort level! How much skin is shown is always entirely up to you.

clothing – A beautiful new piece of lingerie, matching bra and panties.  A sheer piece of material.  His favourite little black dress.   His uniform.  Thigh high boots and a leather jacket….the possibilities are endless.

as a gift – Want to completely surprise him with the one gift he can’t buy for himself.  Boudoir albums are a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary or birthday gift for your spouse.  Imagine his surprise when you give him a very sexy album filled with images of you!

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Privacy Policy

My clients are women from all walks of life.  Teachers, homemakers, Realtors, business executives and professionals of all types.  As such, I take client privacy extremely seriously.

Under no circumstances will your images be used by Martin D Photo in any manner whatsoever without your express written consent. 
Your consent may also be revoked at any time.


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